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All proposals must be submitted by 5PM PT on Monday, May 7th

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March 22 Mixer #1 – Idea and resource sharing meet-up

April 10 Mixer #2 – Idea and resource sharing meet-up
(more info at

May 5 – Mixer #3 – Casual social and Q&A
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May 75pm PTDeadline to submit program proposals

September 8-21 – Seattle Design Festival!

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Call for Proposals

Block Party Organizer Kit

Partner Events Organizer Kit

TRUST Idea Book

Block Party Forum

Partner Events Forum

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This year's theme is TRUST.

Trust is a foundational principle of a thriving society. Relationships and systems built on trust enable the exchange of commerce and innovation, provide safety and dignity to all, and encourage vigorous civic participation.

We trust our systems and institutions to be consistent, transparent, and strong. We trust that the news we hear is accurate and unbiased; that the schools, bridges, and buildings we use everyday are sound; and that our leaders make decisions based on the best interests of our entire community. We need to trust each other.

In a world that appears increasingly defined by mistrust, how can design affirm and strengthen critical connections of trust in our community?

Design in Public presents the eighth annual Seattle Design Festival SDF 2018. (September 8-21)

We invite designers and a diverse public to explore how we design for TRUST.

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The 2018 call for proposals is available at
The 2018 call for proposals is available at
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If that is correct click continue, otherwise click the back arrow below and select "For-Profit" to enter a business name.

Great! Note that there is a one-time fee of $1,000 for For-Profit businesses to participate in the Seattle Design Festival.

This fee is waived if your business is already a Design in Public sponsor at the $1000+ level
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Treat this as final copy for the printed brochure, website, online calendar, and any other promotional materials for the Festival. Make it clear, descriptive, and compelling so people know why they should attend your program and what to expect. Include information about specific audiences you wish to attend, if any. Be as specific as you can.

Note: You will receive an opportunity to revise this text upon acceptance.
Please provide names and a brief bio on key presenters

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Briefly, tell us how your program relates to this year's theme of TRUST. *

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In addition to members of the general public do you have any particular target audience members?

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Will {{answer_S6wLLcu0qygN}} be free or ticketed? *

The Seattle Design Festival asks that all partner events not turn away any individuals for lack of funds.

In order to be eligible for the Festival your partner event must take place between September 8th and September 21st. We're going to ask you to choose three preferred dates and times within those two weeks.

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The Seattle Design Festival Block Party is an annual outdoor event that takes place on Occidental Ave S between S Jackson Street and S Washington Street.

The Block Party is a multi-day commitment; all Block Party installations are required to provide staffing on each of the following days:

Build/Assembly Day - Friday, September 7 (while assembling)
Block Party Day 1 - Saturday, September 8 (10AM-7PM)
Block Party Day 2 - Sunday, September 9 (10AM - 5PM)

I have read and agree to the Block Party guidelines *

the Block Party Organizers Kit is located at
the Block Party Organizers Kit is located at
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Tell us how your installation relates to the theme of TRUST *

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Please provide the overall dimensions for your installation in WxDxH format. *

Installations can be no larger than 10ft wide x 10ft deep x 15ft tall.
Proposals beyond this size limit will be rejected without review.
Upload an image (1200px x 800px JPG ONLY) of your installation. Include dimensions if possible. *

Show us a picture, sketch, or rendering of what this installation actually looks like.
Please select all your preferred zones. *

Note that zones A, B, and C are quiet zones. Generators and/or any noise-making installations are not allowed in this area.

Memorandum of Understanding.

I agree that, if accepted, I will provide any requested updates (final dates, access info, etc) no later than July 6th at 5PM PST
I agree that, if accepted, I will provide any requested updates (final dates, access info, etc) no later than July 6th at 5PM PST
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Accepted proposals will be notified by the end of May

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